The 21 Day Turn-Around!

Hi And Welcome!

..To the 21 Day Turn-Around with your trusted Sista’s at The Sistahood!

We are so glad you are here; strength in numbers!  And that’s what we are…(in the word’s of India Arie) pure Strength, Courage & Wisdom!

So if we are all of those things, then why do we need a turn around?  Here’s just a few reasons:

  • sometimes things just get stale, we get bored, and we let things slip.
  • many of us have a ‘chronic’ condition, from anaemia to Chron’s to arthritis to endometriosis, sucking all our reserves, leaving none for self-care.
  • as we move through life, our hormonal balance changes, our metabolism changes, our body composition changes – occasionally we forget to change our habits to suit the time!
  • If you are just coming out of Winter and shaking off the hibernation vibes, a short detox is just what you need to get the vigour flowing for Spring.
  • we got stuck in a rut of draining friendships, family relationships or jobs; we now choose to be shaken into flourishing!
  • emotionally and mentally we have been giving ourselves a hard time for a long time now, and that’s clearly not working…time to turn things around!

So what is the 21 Day Turn-Around, with The Sistahood, and why will it work for me?

The 21 Day Turn Around is a completely free and respectful-of-your-time program that includes:

  • Assistance to get you really clear on your goals and why you have them.
  • Creation of your own personal affirmation (Yes!….They really work!).
  • An introduction to just a few basic, key, yoga poses that we can all manage.
  • Education on the latest in functional nutrition for women.
  • Encouragement to make the wisest choices you can for your health and happiness!
  • Tips on the easiest ways to stack up savings in your own personal health bank!
  • Exploration of fun ways to get in touch with dreams you forgot you had!
  • Activities including family and friends….if you want to.
  • Learning to love yourself for who you are right now….flaws included.
  • All this is 20 minutes or less a day for 21 days.

And even better than that is…….

  • It doesn’t even matter if you miss a day!  Skip it altogether or catch up on it later.

No worries, no hassle – let’s be realistic!  There’s enough pressure to conform and follow programs; the last thing any woman needs is another pressing task on her to-do list.  The unmissable days are clearly marked so you can make sure you see them, or come back to them as soon as you return to the tribe of The Sistahood!

Are you ready?  Let’s get started on Day 1 of The Turn-Around!  We ask nothing of you on this day, except to reflect on why you are here:

Get Me Started!  Day 1 Turn-Around!





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