I just wanted to extend an overdue THANK YOU for…(workshop). The things you taught are already having an impressive impact….. I feel a lot more in control…..(my menstrual symptoms) are manageable!
It was brilliant. So many helpful things!
I have really enjoyed our sessions.  You have helped be start my journey with eating better and I love the way you are able to give us individual attention in the yoga sessions. I feel very cared for and much more relaxed after each of our yoga sessions.


Find out how cool it is that we get to have hot flashes!

It’s a bright new coming of age, let us celebrate it! This workshop offers a much welcomed healthy and happy approach to anyone who might be swept up in society’s negative concepts about going through ‘the change’, all the more intensified by a youth-oriented media culture.
At the tender age of 49, and as I increasingly find myself bumping along in an irritable brain fog, waking up at 2 am bathed in sweat, plagued by alarming thoughts about losing my vitality, my mind & sense of worth in the world, it is a shining light at the end of a lonely (& kind of scary!) tunnel.
These sessions have helped wake me up to the exciting reality that there’s a massive shift in perception taking place around menopause and the years leading up to it.
Thank you Claire for bringing your knowledge, wisdom & welcoming vibe to Norwich for we now have access to solutions; a wealth of nutrition tips and helpful ideas and up-to-date scientific research to help understand and calm hormonal fluctuations & mood swings. Combine that with some lovely yoga and a community of vibrant women to share insights, support and giggles with and we have a fantastic retreat right here on our doorstep.
So maybe if you’re struggling with the challenges your body (a bit like puberty all over again!) and mind are gifting you with and getting overwhelmed by the avalanche of (often conflicting) information on the web, I would highly recommend coming along to one of these workshops and find out how cool it is that we get to have hot flashes!


I am so glad I went to this session today! Very informative session with lots of info about the hormone changes due to the menopause as well as other hormones that affect our daily lives through life. Lots of tips on how these affect us positively and negatively and how to balance them to improve our experience. All introduced by some yoga to settle us in and a finishing yoga session to send us home on. Looking forward to more of this from Claire who was welcoming and made this a friendly and fun experience. I recommend it!

Highly recommended! Jam packed full of useful info and an underlying current of affirmation throughout. Lovely atmosphere. I’ll definitely come back for more!


I can’t remember a time when (my flow) …was so easy…I am so happy. 🙂 Things are progressing and all of a sudden I feel like options are open to me. Thank you so much.


I’ve found Claire really helpful on so many levels and she has a mass of helpful insight. She’s changed my life. 


I can’t believe how much the bloating has gone down and I have HEAPS more energy!  The kids have even noticed!


I love how you always put a different way of thinking in front of me! You have a real gift for that and you are spot on about my healing. Your suggestions are helping me to overcome self-sabotage and weight gain.


I have learnt to relax, lost 3kg and no longer have the habit of snacking all day. Im eating much less sugar, enjoying more meals with the family and a more relaxed relationship with my Husband.


Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, competent, motivating, friendly and good fun!


…provided me with the knowledge and support that I desperately needed to become a more balanced woman. I (and my family) used to dread ‘that time of the month’ where I would turn into a raging, stressed mum from hell, I realised something had to change as ultimately it was not only me but my family that was suffering. Claire has been there for me every step of the way, providing me with knowledge that I couldn’t believe I didn’t know before about woman’s menstrual cycles and understanding my own, as well as nutritional support and relaxation methods. I have now found that I can manage each week as it comes and through managing my own cycle I have found that a new me, I have deeper intuition and have learnt to listen to my body. The relationship between my husband and I has become stronger as the usual ‘pms’ symptoms have gone and my libido has increased! My family and I all agree that contacting Claire is the best thing I have ever done.


I really enjoy your classes….a really nice pace and really good to focus more attention on the breath. I had a great sleep and woke up a lot more relaxed than normal. (I’m….) so used to going to Body Balance where it is just bang-bang-bang and you don’t get a chance to think about what you’re doing.