Yoga Class – Begin Opening Up

This energizing sequence is a great introduction for beginners to back bends.  It focuses on Standing Postures, Shoulder Openers and Backbends.  Practising these postures regularly will increase flexibility throughout the shoulders, back and abdomen, as well as strengthening and lengthening the muscles of the spine.  Backbends are releasing, exhilarating and will leave you feeling energised and alive.  As with any yoga class, listen to your body and use common sense  – if you feel your body isn’t designed to do a certain pose, because of injury or illness, then skip it.  If breathing becomes erratic in any pose, then take a rest and stabilise the flow of breath.  Have fun and enjoy the process!  You are likely to feel really good after completing this whole sequence.  If you have a medical condition then check with your health professional before trying this sequence.

Duration: 0:55:43     Level:Moderate
Props: Blanket, Wall , Strap (or belt) , Blocks (or 2 chunky books)