Down Dog

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Downward Facing Dog – Good Mountain Pose – Adhomukha Svanasana – Sumerasana 

In downward facing dog the head is lower than the heart; this allows the brain to be bathed in blood, calming the brain and gently stimulating the nerves. It checks heavy menstrual flow and helps to prevent hot flushes during menopause. On a purely physical level, downward facing dog stretches the entire back body, especially the arms, shoulders, hips hamstrings, calves and Achilles tendon.

Contraindications:Do not practise this movement in advanced stages of pregnancy

Duration: 0:02:58
level: 4
Physiological Focus: Muscular System, Nervous System, Skeletal System
Therapeutic Focus: PMS, Stress
Props required: Not Required
Movement Type: Inversion
Sub Movement Type-A: Whole Body
Sub Movement Type-B: Strengthening
Main Anatomical Focus: Shoulders
Secondary Anatomical Focus: Hamstrings
Physiological Focus: Muscular System, Nervous System, Skeletal System
Therapeutic Focus: PMS, Stress

Start by keeling in vajrasana.

Place your hands mindfully on to your mat with your fingers evenly spread.

Tuck your toes underneath, lift your sitting bones and allow them to pull you up and back into downward facing dog.

Once you are in downward facing dog, establish a long smooth and even breath; inhaling for four and exhaling for four.

Now focus on the following points. Draw a clear line of energy from the middle of your armpits, down your arms and into your palms.

Press your thumb and index finger joints firmly into your mat, spreading and energising your fingers evenly.

Now lengthen the sides of your neck, moving the crown of your head toward the floor. Move your scapula away from your ears and press your deltoids into your scapula.

Turn your ischium bones upward and spread your buttocks sideways, away from one another. Move your pelvis into a dog tilt position and press the top of your thighs firmly on to your femur bones, creating length and spaciousness in the spine.

Check that your feet are straight, your toes are spread evenly and your heels are descending toward the floor.

Breathe here, feeling the whole body being stretched and opened. Notice your prana or life force flowing through your body. Notice any points of resistance, breathing in to them deeply.

Exhale, come down on to your hands and knees and quietly bring yourself to kneeling in vajrasana. Connect to your breath and come in to this present moment.

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