Strike A Pose!

Use the YOGA POSE VIDS tab in the top menu to access the poses!

There you can sample any of the yoga poses in a super-safe and effective way.  The style of yoga here is called ‘Systemic Intelligence”, which basically means “Yoga for Smart Sista’s!”.  I’ve specifically chosen this style of yoga to share with you for your use at home because:

  1. Every woman I have shared these videos with has said something along the lines of: “I was so surprised that the woman in the videos is a real woman and not one of those super-emaciated-skinny-mini’s you expect to see teaching yoga”.  Yup, this yoga is beautifully demonstrated by Sista Sarsha Hood, another real woman making yoga accessible for us all!
  2. One of the most common reasons I hear for you not wanting to do yoga at home is “how do I know if I’m doing it safely?  There’s no teacher to adjust me”.  Your instruction for these poses is led by Sista Kali, who speaks only the best cues to ensure your body is in the right place at the right time! Follow her lead and you will be more than safe.
  3. For the same reason, I love these teaching videos because they are high definition and show Sarsha demo-ing the pose from a number of angles.  So if you’re still not sure where to put your knee, pause the video and take a good look!
  4. These are the very same videos that I used after my third intensive teacher training to ensure my own yoga (and my teaching) just got better and better.  Yes, this is high-end teaching that even the teachers love and learn from!  The body positioning cues are second to none.
  5. Most of these poses are static i.e. you wont be swishing and floating and sa-shaying around moving from pose to pose. Flow yoga (the floaty type, sometimes called Vinyasa) can be super fun, so what’s the deal with this static, intelligent type?  There are a few really big advantages
    1. if you’re a beginner, here you learn how to stack your bones and engage your muscles in the best way, for toning results and a whole body experience.  Follow the instructions and you can be sure of supple, steady joints that don’t get hurt.
    2. if you’re used to doing flow yoga then slowing down and becoming one single pose for more than a breath adds a whole other dimension of experience, and optimal muscle engagement.  You may do 60 squats at the gym, or 45 minutes of sweaty Vinyasa, but nothing is going to get into your butt muscles like a few minutes of fully engaged and switched on intelligent Warriors’s!  Or should that be Warrior-esses?!  If you try this for the first time and it doesn’t hurt the next day (in a muscles have worked kind of way), then you can go back and try to follow all the instructions!
    3. Smart Sista Yoga (the type we have here in the videos) allows you to get better and better.  There are quite a few instructions to follow, and its unlikely you’ll use them all first time.  Work with whatever you hear, and over time it builds up as you layer in another instruction.  Next thing you know, you executing a pose like the Sista in the vid.  Yes…very possible.
    4. Okay I didn’t know whether to share this one with you, but here we go.  This yoga is for your mind too.  It will keep body and thoughts fully focussed in every single pose.  If your mind wanders (and by now you must realise that people do yoga for the mind calming benefits too?) then simply come back to the instructions, breathe and onward bound.
    5. I could go on, and if I did it would be to say that tasting one pose at a time, really does take the pressure off time-wise.  I mean, who really has 90 minutes for class three times a week?  All you need is to start here, as you are, with the time and space you have, and in about 2-3 minutes it is done.  I’ve been into yoga for a long time now, and the greatest Swami’s tell me that 2 minutes a day every day, is far more effective than the sporadic long-haul lesson.  I can testify to that too, as you can; we all know that that consistent moderation makes for a happier day.

I hope you get as much out of this style of yoga as I have, and continue to do.  I find it a great motivator to just press play and get one going, even if I’m not on my mat ready!  When we are left to our own devices we can sometimes skip the pose and head straight for the sofa, but with The Sistahood Yoga Pose Vids, you have the encouragement of Sista’s Sarsha and Kali right now.  Just press play!


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