TEN things i wish i’d known about my periods from Day 1

I got my first period when I was 13 (I think?).  I can remember seeing some blood on my sheets one morning and bundling them up, as if to hide them.  This would indicate some embarrassment on my part.  My Mum found the sheets of course and gave me a little ‘beginners’ pack, with pads and a […]

Bloated, Cravings, Frazzled & Periods Like A Curse? 6 Steady Solutions

Women confide in me their deepest pains with their periods, life dissatisfaction and body loathing. It’s no surprise to me anymore that all of the women I coach have stress levels that are crashing up and down, with energy, self-esteem, and appetites to match! In these six free, non-exclusive,  no secrets, nothing new tips, we will recommit […]

20 Minute Beginners Yoga Sequence for You

The benefits of yoga are too many to name! Improved hormonal balance, sleep, digestion, immunity, athletic recovery, weight loss, stress relief. The secret for a lot of women, is to not make it too hard! A short gentle yoga practice is perfect for any woman who is stressed out, longing to be in a different […]

Self-understanding, Evolution and PMS

Are you feeling different every day?  Some days light, breezy and want to socialise hard, wearing all your favourite clothes and jewellery?  Other days you regret making those plans for coffee and gym trip, as all you want to do is eat mashed potato in your trackies and read a book?  For some women this […]

7 Natural Solutions for a Healthy Baby

First we review the 4 basic fundamentals of eating for fertility (or anyone for that matter!), followed by the 3 points you MUST know before a pre-conception detox, then the 7 EASY ways to detox (juices and fasting are not required!) How to Eat For Fertility?  The 4 Essentials You Know Already: balance your blood sugars […]

Moobs & Painful Periods – Shocking Link – What You Can Do

In this article you learn 10 ways to get rid of moobs and painful periods, by limiting exposure to synthetic hormones – Pick one of the ten and see what happens! Endometriosis is not a funny topic Endometriosis is the severe end of painful periods that disrupts and brings pain and sadness to a woman’s […]

20 Names For Sweeteners And Common Brand Names

The human brain responds to sweetness with signals to eat more. By providing a sweet taste without any calories, however, artificial sweeteners cause us to crave more sweet foods and drinks, which can add up to excess calories. – Harvard School of Public Health Artificial sweeteners are toxic to your body.  Your liver will have […]

61 Names For Sugar

This list is useful for helping to reduce refined sugars in your system.  Refined sugars contribute to an imbalance of gut bacteria, energy slumps, and metabolic diseases –  including diabetes and obesity.  People who are sensitive to the effects of sugar can feel anxiety after eating them.  Crowd-out refined sugars with natural alternatives such as honey […]

Easy Guide to Food Intolerance, Detox &Vitality!

Tips for IBS, digestive trouble, and period pain (inflammation).  Plus – the top 17 food intolerances and how to find out if you have one. Eliminating every tasty food in the fridge and pantry can seem like a nightmare to some!  It’s no wonder so many women put off a cleanse because of the foreboding sense of […]