Get The Phyto-nutrient Rainbow Checker

Yes!  Please send me the plant nutrient rainbow checker for robust health

PLUS You will also receive  a comprehensive colour-coded list of over 100 commonly available health promoting foods!

If there is one thing that all the health experts agree on, it’s to eat heaps of colourful foods!  These foods contain hydration, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and heaps of phytonutrients!

Phytonutrients are needed for cellular health – graceful aging – energy levels – cancer protection – immune function – eye health – injury/surgery recovery.  They are anti-inflammatory and antioxidants!

There can seem to be conflicting thoughts on what good nutrition is these days.  Paleo, vegan, ancestral, ketogenic, vegetarian, Atkins, Banting, LCHF, SCD, 80:10:10, low-fat, high-fat, grain free,dairy free, gluten-free, soy free!

One thing that all the experts agree on is that we need our colourful fresh foods to create healthful vitality for fulfilled everyday living! 

The phytonutrient checklist is kindly provided by the Institute of Functional Medicine