Butterfly Pose

Butterfly Pose – Adhomukha Baddhakonasana (Bound Angle)

This pose is especially beneficial for women. It checks irregular menstrual cycles and helps the ovaries to function properly. It also stretches the groins, outer hips and knees joints. This pose can be used for meditation, with the hands either on the knees or in prayer position at the heart centre. It is a great preparation pose for lotus pose.

Contraindications:If you have a groin or knee injury, use blankets or blocks under thighs. If you are tight in the hips sit on some height.

Props required:Blankets
Movement Type:Seated
Sub Movement Type-A:Hips
Sub Movement Type-B:Meditative
Main Anatomical Focus:Buttocks
Secondary Anatomical Focus:Groins
Physiological Focus:Reproductive System
Therapeutic Focus:Fertility Issues, Sciatic Pain

Begin by sitting on your heels in vajrasana. Take a folded blanket and come to sitting on it with the soles of your feet together and your knees apart. Check that your blanket is straight.

Move your buttock flesh out of the way so that you can feel your ischium bones. Hold your feet with your hands. Feel your body weight divided evenly between your ischium bones.

Elongate your spinal column, waist and crown of your head upwards on each inhalation.

Feel your ischium bones and the outer edges of your feet grounding down on each exhalation.

Draw your outer calf muscles into your shin bones, lengthen your inner thighs from your inner groins to your inner knees and lower your knees toward the floor.

Roll your inner groins down so that your pelvis is in a vertical position. Roll your outer groins back and down to help ground your ischium bones.

Inhale for four and exhale for four – with long, smooth and even breaths. Keep your head erect, relax your eyes and keep the front of your throat soft.

Release your hands and straighten your legs one by one to come to sitting back in dandasana with your hands by your hips.

Content courtesy of yoga.org.nz and www.yogasync.tv

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