The Sistacode Workshops!

Understand Yourself Deeply to be Part of The Revolution!

  • Have you heard lately all the talk about periods in the press? Just check here on one of the world’s leading news and blogging sites to get an idea!
  • Have you started to see, hear and feel a shift in the way that women are perceiving their monthly cycles?
  • Does it make sense to you, as a smart woman, that if your hormone levels are changing every single day, then so will your experience of the world?
  • The Sistacode is the unveiling of your own innate patterns as a woman – you will not believe you didn’t know this before!

At an introductory The SistaCode Workshop, you will learn:

  • How your hormone levels change every day
  • The effect these changes have your emotions, physical and mental capacities
  • How to unravel the up-tightness of PMS and use it to your advantage
  • When to start a health-kick to ensure success
  • Why some days your love make-up and others it seems like a chore
  • How to plan in important business meetings to get the best results
  • Why you have great ideas and then don’t move forward with them
  • Which types of food you need most to balance hormones – say goodbye to pain
  • Yoga poses to support your easy flow through the month
  • Plus much, much more!!

To get a tiny taster watch this video and read this article that was written especially (for men!) to understand his beloved’s changing ways.

The Sistahood offers workshops for menopause, weight loss, anxiety, PMS, stress, peri-menopause, painful periods, PCOS and endometriosis.  Please ASK us here if you would like to be kept informed of upcoming workshops, or request information on a women’s health topic that has not been mentioned: