The Sista Code for Teachers & Community Leaders

This special workshop is for female teachers community leaders and teachers.

  • Are you a teacher at a school for girls or young women?

  • Are you leading young women in athletic pursuits or dancing?

  • Are you  community leader with women of menstruating age looking to you for guidance?

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You were under a lot of pressure yourself as a young woman.

Exams, boys, navigating friendships, family and bullies at school.  If you were lucky then you had a really honest relationship with your Mum and could talk about anything bothering you.  You didn’t feel lonely, isolated, under pressure or have any problems with your confidence, sporting life, body image or academia.  Even better, you had a clear introduction to periods before they began, and did not experience any emotional swings, painful periods, weight gain or acne in your formative years.

If you were unlucky (or should I say ‘normal?’)….

…you may have felt like you never quite fit in, that your body was an embarrassment, that you could never do well enough at school and were constantly avoiding or at loggerheads with Ma and Pa.  Many young women (when that was you and now), admit to feeling anxious, sad, not-good-enough, unattractive and confused about their many assumed roles in the world.

Even if you were graced with a smooth adolescence and young adulthood (perhaps even a wholesome boyfriend who grew into a good man, the one you married) you may have still suffered debilitating PMS, painful periods and anaemia (just to name a few).

Many women today are still living with the impressions they got from their youth, about who they are.  Sure we went out and made a career, a family, or both.  We had nuts relationships, great relationships, got fit, lost weight, were vegetarian, got fat, loved ourselves and hated ourselves.  We’ve travelled, made a family, we have brought houses, run businesses and contributed most of our lives to other peoples causes and education.  We have lead classes and taught hundreds or thousands of up and coming bright-young-women.  We have done a lot.  But still most women are living their lives behind the foggy, passion-killing, confidence-robbing, and life-source sucking veil of illusion; That we are somehow not-quite-good-enough-yet.  When was the last time you stopped trying to improve yourself and said a long (and lasting!)

Yup, I rock and I’m perfect; Always have been!

What’s any of this got to do with your students?  Your femme students are growing up with the same pressures (be-it-all!) and draining incorrect impressions of themselves and their physical bodies.

This is our chance, your chance, to be a part of the revolution in women’s health!

Didn’t you know?  Its cool to talk about periods now!  Don’t beleive me?  Check out this latest front cover of NewsWeek Magazine! 

Not only that, but as science reveals herself more and more, we are able to gel her deep rational wisdom, with our innate understanding and experience of flowing in life as a woman.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with being expected to be the same girl or woman every day, regardless of our life stage, or where we are in our own personal cycle, that does not equate to optimal functioning!

In The Sista Code for Teachers, you will learn:

  1. The hormonal life stages, that affect you and your girls (and your mothers and grandmas!).
  2. The monthly ebb and flow that menstruating women experience. We break it into 4 week cycles and grasp the importance of each.
  3. The common pathologies of monthly cycles from a biological, practical and emotional perspective.
  4. How to recognise your own strengths at each part of your flow, and how this helps you educate your young women.
  5. How to best assist young women reporting painful periods and PMS (why oral contraceptives are not always the common sense option) – including basic nutritional advice to suit all women and girls, stress, and sleep cycles.
  6. How you can help young women stop missing school, and how to help them study/train smarter in the months leading up to exams and competitions.
  7. A whole new perspective on periods!
  8. An introduction to basic deep breathing and relaxation – to serve you AND your students.
  9. An opportunity to have The Sistahood engage your young women, as part of our Community Interest work.

Want to know more? We hope you have a ton of questions to ask.  Contact us here or fill the form below and Claire will get back to you.

The most debilitating menstrual symptoms subside and disappear when women begin to live in harmony with their cycle, stop loathing their menstrual blood, and take time to rest and renew monthly.

How would the world be different when half of its population returns to balance; When women stop suffering from PMS, when girls are educated about being born cyclical?
Surely, the impact of removing tampon tax will pale in comparison…

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