What Happens at A Sista Circle?

The number one rule of a Circle is:

What happens in the circle stays in the circle!

Here are 3 examples of what happened at a Sista-Circle that might help you decide if it’s right for you.  However, the best way to find out is come along!

What happened 1?

We had a chat about almost every female hormone!  Some people discovered that they may have thyroid problems, even though they have tested fine.  We shared stories on eating habits, weight loss and then did some light yoga for 20 minutes.

What happened 2?

We started with a 30 minute deep relaxation, aka – we lied down and chilled out on comfy mats, cushions and blankets while Claire guided the relaxation!

The circle topics focused on how well supported we feel, how lack of support and stress, leads to physical health problems, and the science behind how circles wire our nervous system for happiness and contentment!  Another major topic was a woman’s intuition – how can we learn to trust ourselves more, how can we identify the voice of intuition amongst all the noise of thoughts and opinions in our self-talk?  Can we learn to trust ourselves by noticing what happens when we don’t/do listen to our intuition?

What Happened 3?

We shared the reasons we came to The Sistahood and offered support to each other through our shared experiences.  We shed light upon the feelings and thoughts that we usually keep to ourselves…and found we were still accepted and supported by the group!

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