The Sista Circles

At a Sista Circle, every woman gets the chance to experience deep relaxation, and a sharing circle with the group.  To find out more about what a Sista Circle is, read on and see here.

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What is a Sista Circle?

A circle takes many different forms – they are always for the benefit of the group – health, healing and well-being.

At The Sistahood, the circle is a chance for any woman to come and ask questions, share delight in the things that have worked for them, tell other women what the biggest revelations have been for them and receive support from others.

Women who haven’t yet had a chance to make it to a class or workshop with the Sistahood, but are keen to explore their health and well-being with a group of like-minded women, are also very welcome!  Find out more here.

What do we share?

Whilst the sharing circle can be guided by Claire of The Sistahood, it’s quite normal for a circle to develop its own rhythm and flow.  Only one person talks at a time, and everything that happens in the circle, stays in the circle (e.g. complete confidentiality).

Some months, a woman may start a topic such as ‘hormonal balance’, ‘stress at home’ or ‘intuitive eating’.  Everyone that wants to speak, has a chance.  No woman has to speak if she has nothing to say.  In this way, we get to be together, teach, learn, and express things we may not elsewhere.

Sometimes we stay on one topic, and others we cover everything possible – including our concerns and optimism, about the world we live, our health and our community and families!  You should know that this is a place where you can share your real experience of the world, without judgement.

How could every woman and girl benefit from a Sista Circle?

It’s very easy in today’s world to become a little, or a lot, isolated.  Even if you are part of a family that likes to be together, you may not be able to express your deepest concerns, pains, desires and joys.  This is usually because we fear we will be judged and ostracised.  As women, we experience less stress when we are met with acceptance and allowed to express our feelings, no matter how dark or light, in a safe space.  Every woman should be able to access this, no matter what.  By offering The Sista Circles,  any woman can come and experience not just the life-changing sharing, but also deep relaxation and some well-deserved time out with the girls!

Who are The Sista Circles not suitable for?

Sista-Circles are not designed to replace appropriate therapy or consultation with a health professional.

What if something difficult comes up for me in The Sista-Circle and I feel uneasy?

We have a system in place, that will be explained before we start.  In this way, you can be sure you are in a safe space, with the option to be supported by other women in the group –  your choice.

Under no circumstances would we want you to leave the group if emotions become uncomfortable.  A Sista-Circle is a complete process and everyone needs to be present for all of it.

If additional support is required after the circle, then we will let you know about an appropriate local providers.

This is sounding super-serious, do we have any fun?

Sometimes we can laugh our way through hours!!  The Sista-Circle is whatever the women present bring, and need, at the time.  If you are at all curious or intrigued, come along and give it a go!