Serenity, Calm & Happiness – for Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue and Problem Periods

The Sistahood’s most popular one day workshop.  

Stress affects every part of a woman’s life cycle – from pubescent to post-menopausal.  Everyone is welcome to come and learn the secrets of a balanced life – the easy commonsense way, as taught by The Sistahood.  

OPEN TO ALL AGES AND INCLUDES AN EXTRA SEGMENT ON HEALING PROBLEM PERIODS – pain, heaviness, irregularity, PMS, endometriosis and more.  

Stress is not fun at all.  First you are just busy, and then you start getting huge energy drops, which you tonic with sugar and caffeine.  At the end of the day a glass of wine (or 2?) is the only soother.  After that wine (or sugar/salt/tv binge?) you find it hard to get sleep.  Cue the next morning dragging your eyes open to hit the first coffee of many.  You skip breakfast because you ate too much last night, or you have a carb-laden toast/cereal/bagel breakfast whilst you simultaneously go online to do your email, or sort the kids out for school.

Because you don’t think you have time to look after yourself, this carries on until you reach burn out.  What’s that?  Always tired and needing caffeine and sugar to get you through – feeling frazzled and achy with every cold going and raging PMS or menopausal symptoms.  A racing mind that silently blurts really nasty things about yourself to you.  Your head hurts, your waist is getting squidgier by the day, you cant get to sleep – so you eat, drink or find some other way to block it all out.

Hopefully it hasn’t got this bad for you yet – but if it has, you are not alone.  The modern woman has it all – and does it all.  Work, study, kids, business, cooking, socialising, keeping fit, eating clean, looking ravishing, controlling her emotions and coping – oh yes you are definitely supposed to talk and act as if you are coping.  Well many women aren’t.  Get to this workshop before you go any deeper  – come up for a gulp of air and learn how to stop yourself from going under again.  Repair your body, life, relationships and happiness with an Easy Detox, in Sistahood Style.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Estrogen detox is important. Learn what and why goes wrong and how to avoid and fix it with smart food choices  it.

  • Why you can’t say “no” and try to do it all!
  • Why you always give in to sweet and salty food cravings
  • How to be a “sugar addict” without compromising your health.
  • The role of stress and food on hormones,  periods,  weight gain, energy and mood.
  • Why stress is giving your more joint pain, digestive upset and painful/irregular periods
  • How women respond differently than men to stress
  • Tips to increase your relaxing hormonal responses with friends and yoga.
  • Information on what’s happening with hormones in a normal, painfree cycle – what and how goes wrong?
  • The long-term consequences of sustained stress on your female health
  • How to find calmness, feel healthy, and lessen pms symptoms  by eating particular types of foods, herbs and supplements.
  • The importance of a healthy liver and bowel for PMS-and-painfree-periods.
  • Natural ways to support your liver and bowel, including food and yoga poses.
  • How to use your hormonal cycles in powerful ways to plan a life that flows with ease
  • What difficult emotions are trying to tell you
  • The benefits of 2 very specific yoga breathing practices

In this workshop we will spend up to four hours learning about practical ways you can detox stress, anxiety and adrenal fatigue from your life  – including plenty of time for questions and answers, sharing experiences, and a break.

What are the requirements for attending this course?

  • A desire to improve your health and happiness
  • Eagerness to take charge of your symptoms
  • Please bring a notebook and pen
  • Wear comfy clothes

 What am I going to get from this course?

  • A new understanding of your female health and stress response
  • Tips to detox period pain and PMS from your life
  • Easy and natural ways to feel better in the short and long-term.
  • Guidance on how to cut testing costs by self-evaluating your stress hormone status – PLUS when to get help?
  • Simple and effective tools to detox stress including food and yoga
  • Optimism that there is a silver-lining to difficult emotions of PMS and peri-menopause
  • A direction experience of tension release from simple stretching and relaxation
  • Connection with a like-minded group of supportive women in your area, experiencing similar challenges
  • Access to the online facebook community – closed group – for continues progress.
  • Fresh direction to help you take control of your own health

Who is leading this workshop?

This workshop is led by Claire Winzar – Certified Women’s Integrative Health Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, BSc Hons.  Claire has more than 12 years of experience working in the fields of genetics, pharmaceuticals, health and fitness, Healthy Lifestyle Coaching and Yoga for Health……and 22 years of experience in feeling and alleviating her own stress!  Hear Claire’s personal health journey at the workshop.

Please see Health Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Wondering if this workshop is right for you?  Reach out right now by filling the form below:

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