Periods Hurt – This Helps

From visiting Women’s Integrative health Educator, Claire Winzar

Full day workshop including guided relaxations.

Workshops for Women 18-40. Natural solutions for pain, PMS, stress, anxiety, cravings, mood swings. Gain a brand new perspective on periods and what PMS is really all about. Women leave these workshops saying “why did no-one tell us this before?”

What women say: “Impressive impact” “changed my life” “highly recommended”

Your hidden cycle – its there more to it than PMS and pain?  Get new understanding of your month.   THIS IS THE MOST REVEALING AND MIND-BLOWING LEARNING”

Problem periods – when good days go bad – what is the cause of PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, heavy periods, monthly depression and despair? Is there something your health professional could have told you when you were a teen that could have prevented all your suffering?  Find out what it is here.

Hormonal calm via food.  How is your digestion?  Menstrual health, IBS, pain, inflammation and low mood go hand in hand.  Find out how, why and what to do about it. Get to the forefront of female health and take home simple tweaks to your eating that can save you a world of emotional and physical pain.

Tapping into the dream.  Use what you have learnt to create abundance, happiness and fulfilment in everyday living.   Are you living your own dreams or someone elses?  Now you can use all your new tools to trust yourself in your own unique journey of life!

Become part of The Sistahood closed facebook community for continued support and learning.  Meet women in your area and make like-minded friends. 

Life-changing new information.  Latest science backed nutritional and lifestyle strategies.  Pain free, balanced and calm life.  Imagine that!

Let your friends, nurses, doctors, specialists, mum’s, teachers and sisters know.  Suffer no more!