Click here to go to the class! This energizing sequence is a great introduction for beginners to back bends.  It focuses on Standing Postures, Shoulder Openers and Backbends.  Practicing these postures regularly will increase flexibility throughout the shoulders, back and abdomen, as well as strengthening and lengthening the muscles of the spine.  Backbends are releasing, […]

New Guided Meditation Uploaded

I have lots of people asking me how to meditate these days.  The best way is to find 20 minutes for yourself in a quiet room, and play this video.  CLICK HERE If you are a busy or tired, and feel like lying down for meditation, then do so.  People with sore knees and backs […]

Tend and Befriend – The Little Known Female Stress Response

2017 is not over yet Sisters!  There is a whole Summer of fun, Autumn of serenity and Winter of vitality to discover!  This article gives you a refreshing and fun new way to thrive for the rest of this year.  An unmissable, yet little talked about key to natural healing, that includes your friends and […]

Is it bad to hold your pee?

There are dozens of reasons you hold your pee, but is it harmful? Watch the video to find out! I’ll Hold It!……. Peeing aka micturition generally happens at least 4, and average 8 times in 24 hours.  The modern woman however seems intent on ignoring her natural urge to get more done! You get two […]

Do Down Dog Properly! Video lesson, and more dangerous Yoga…

With bad form, down-dog could give you pain in your: Wrists Elbows Knees Back Shoulders Neck Done correctly this inverted pose : Allows your brain to be bathed in blood Calms your brain and gently stimulates your nerves Tones your shoulders and arms Lengthens your spine, alleviating back ache Creates ease of movement in stiff wrists […]

20 Minute Beginners Yoga Sequence for You

The benefits of yoga are too many to name! Improved hormonal balance, sleep, digestion, immunity, athletic recovery, weight loss, stress relief. The secret for a lot of women, is to not make it too hard! A short gentle yoga practice is perfect for any woman who is stressed out, longing to be in a different […]

Doctor Recommends Low-Carb Nutrition for Weight Loss, Diabetes

What if everything you knew about eating was wrong?  Outdated advice from governments, nutritionists and even diabetic educators suggest 6 or more servings of grains a day (potatoes, bread, pasta, rice etc.)!! Have you ever asked yourself WHY – if the food pyramid is correct, and you eat sensibly and exercise, WHY are you still feeling tired […]

Must See for Any Human Anatomy Lovers!

This great video shared by is an amazing glimpse into the fetal formation, and adult functioning of your diaphragm. In Yoga we often refer to “breathe deeply”, “full yogic breath” and “breathe into the abdomen”.  This video helps you to understand why belly/abdomen breath isn’t strictly correct – we use these terms to help you get […]

Obama Interview – Tampon Tax – Only in Masculine World!!

Hit this link to go straight to 2.59 where Obama admits it was a Man’s World that decided to tax flow products as a “luxury item”! Living in the UK?  Check out the Independent’s dedicated Tampon-Tax pages and then watch Cameron fudge his way through a question about the same topic in February 2016 in the video […]