Your Transformative Health Coach

Claire is a certified Women’s Health Coach offering women of all ages access to life-changing natural solutions for PMS, pain, fertility, menopause, IBS, thyroid disease, specialist coaching for female athletes, and more.

Claire has served as Green Prescription adviser for Sport Taranaki, Chronic Disease Exercise Consultant at City Fitness, Healthy Lifestyle Advisor for Pathways Health NZ , Yoga for Health Consultant at Yogasync, Yoga Teacher at Sivananda Yoga NZ.

Claire is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals

Hi!  My name is Claire!


This is me posing in yoga pants!  It doesn’t happen often and I had to give those pants back 😦


  • Do you repeat the same patterns over and over again?
  • Do you feel like you’re stuck in a  rut and not being the best you?
  • Do you intelligently know the best way to move forward in life, but cannot make it happen?

I’ve been there too!  Our health is a always a work in progress.  Our bodies change, habits change, relationships change, access to healthy food changes, ill-health happens, life happens  – we have to keep putting deposits in the health bank!

Your best case scenario IS a possibility!

I work with you to uncover the aspects of your life that you are ready to heal. Where you have struggled on your own, you can breathe a deep sigh of relief as I help you navigate your unique situation, providing simple yet life changing strategies to turn things around.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients in New Zealand and the UK, coaching them on lifestyle improvements; Everything from weight loss, hormonal balance, quitting smoking, better sleep, dealing with emotional stress and building self-confidence.  We’re living in a  fast paced world with busy minds, lots of external influences, too much information and time constraints.  No wonder most people are feeling frazzled and unable to consistently make the best choices for themselves.

Perhaps my best professional moment has been when a client reported to me that their confidence had improved 200% since starting coaching. They had come off medications, lost a significant amount of weight, work was easier, sleep was easier, and every day was easier and much brighter for them. Stories like this became the norm and I fully realised that as well as the information I provided, it was the way it was given. Encouraging, total belief in clients, 100% positive, thorough knowledge of the goal and the process needed, plus a mutual trust between myself and people I work with. Of course, the client does all the real work but I always give thanks that I have been given this knowledge and skills to share.

Experience has shown me that clients who receive coaching once or more a week, for several months or more, are the ones who create, achieve and maintain their goals….

…However, experience has also shown me that not everybody wants personal coaching, not everyone can access it financially, and there is another way.  I really enjoy leading group gatherings where I present on a topic and we all share our experiences, tips and support each other.  The group meet ups continue to be an invaluable tool for women to meet supportive new friends, learn that even our weirdest body and emotional states are quite common,  network in our local community and feel refreshed from hanging out with like minded Wahine.

You can book your one on one consultation and find out more, here.

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What qualifies me to walk with you towards your dreams?

  • Specialising in Women’s Health – one of the first graduates of the IPHI Certifcation Course, an international leader in women’s integrative healthcare.
  • Sport Taranaki Green Prescription Advisor – Activity and Nutrition Support
  • Pathways Health Regional Healthy Lifestyle Advisor – Mental Health, Holistic and Community
  • City Fitness Special Populations Trainer – Chronic Disease Management
  • Yoga Alliance Teacher – Yoga for all levels and abilities
  • Consultant – Global Online Wellness Coaching/ Yoga on demand
  • Genetic Scientist and Pharmaceutical Rep – I understand the science and give you the best
  • Personal experience of living with chronic health challenges and perfect vitality!

So, What’s Your Story, Claire?
Briefly? – I grew up in Reading, UK- an enthusiast of health, nutrition, long walks and cycling. At 16 I discovered gyms and couldn’t get enough of working out; I’d not really been into sports at school after a hockey stick broke my nose at 8 years old!  

After studying Genetic Science in Bristol, UK, I relocated to Cambridge where I worked with leading scientists on the Human Genome Project, and with Medical Doctors, Nurses and Hospital Consultants as a Pharmaceutical Rep.  Recognising the need for more progressive health coaching to achieve real and tangible positive changes, I studied to become a group and personal fitness trainer, managing and teaching group exercise classes,  and seeing private clients for coaching.

I came to New Zealand in 2008 to visit family and never left!  The outdoors life on my doorstep was too hard to leave as I had now started surfing as well as numerous mountain tramps!  I worked with City Fitness and Sport Taranaki, as a health coach/adviser (in person and telephone) for hundreds of people – watching them soar as they made small changes to reveal a huge difference.  People were fast becoming healthier, happier, leaner, more energised and enjoying life fully.

2011 saw me train as Yoga Teacher (Ashram Yoga NZ), Reiki Healer and Heart Foundation NZ Smokefree Coach; Then I promptly broke both arms roller skating!  This was a challenging time for me as my identity as a coach, yoga teacher, surfer, cyclist, gym bunny, runner and healthy cook was now to be turned upside down.

Having studied psychology, relaxation, hypnotherapy and meditation since my teens, I did all I could to turn things around; it was a slow journey and did not always seem to be moving forward.  Using the unique blend of skills and knowledge I will share with you, I discovered the hidden health conditions that had stolen my life.

I have learnt that although the path is not always straight, you CAN get there with the right information, friendly support, and nurturing yourself in NEW WAYS! 


Soon after the broken arms, I scored my dream job as Regional Healthy Lifestyle Coordinator for NZ’s largest NGO Mental Health provider, collaborating on numerous projects with other community health organisations including Smokefree NZ (Aukati Kaipaipa), The Heart Foundation, The Red Cross, Community Gardens, Likeminds, Progress to Health and more .  I gained more advanced qualifications with yoga, massage and hypnotherapy and then set off on my own business (yes I collect certificates!).  You can see more about my yoga teaching experience here.

I am fully committed to working with women, sharing the latest in research to give improved health, happiness and life satisfaction!  Much of the historical health research that we base today’s advice on (flight or fight stress response is a great example!) is more relevant to men than women.  In addition, most historical research only used men as test subjects – women are different creatures as you know and the science now demands female-specific research.  I am really enthused by this as the science is only just being published, now coming thick and fast!  Women have several different stages in their life, and what works in one does not work in another.  It’s my job to keep informed and enlighten you!

Life is a constant work in progress, but with the help of a coach you can discover your unlocked potential to transform!  I have absolute belief that all your possibilities can come true! 

You can book your one on one consultation and find out more, here.

Discover group events in Palmy here.