A female friend who is more than one’s best friend.

“You’re more than that, you’re my Sista”.

A woman who carries herself with pride.


The Sistahood aims to empower women of all ages, from all communities and cultures, to take charge of their own health – with or without the support of pharmaceutical and surgical interventions.

Holistic hormonal balancing includes evidence based nutrition, lifestyle interventions, health education, community cohesion and support, supplementation, movement and relaxation.

The Sistahood has been lovingly conceived, and  birthed  by Claire Winzar, your yoga teacher and women’s natural health workshop facilitator – her blend of training in Genetic Sciences, Personal Training, Yoga and Women’s Health Coaching ensures you will find yourself in a welcoming environment, with just the right amount of physical work, health education, mental relaxation and Sista-ly support.

Claire has spent 9 years working as a healthy lifestyle advisor in the community, and for national mental and physical health providers; Is a Yoga Teacher, a Certified Womens Health Coach and has a lifetime studying the science of health and disease,  working in scientific laboratories and with health professionals in the pharmaceutical industry.  The Sistahood offers life-changing health education and workshops, for any woman in suffering.  The Sistahood reveals common-sense, yet little known, approaches for women in their healing path.

Special  workshops include an invitation for you to find out the secret powers of menstruation, that should have been yours decades ago, plus refreshing new perspectives on menopausal symptoms!  Once you get an experience of The Sistahood you’ll know why Claire is so passionate about getting this information out to all women and girls!

Once you have met with a group of women at a Sistahood meet up, you are encouraged to keep in touch locally with other women, and nationally by joining the private facebook community.

You can contact Sista Claire here.

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