Palmerston North 18/9/17: Helping Yourself To Health – Figure It Out and Move Forward

Monday, September 18, 2017
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Theosophical Hall, 304 Church St, Palmerston North

This meetup is designed to help you get perspective on your health worries, by using 6 simple questions used by professionals.

When we are worried with:

Stress,fatigue, hormonal angst,IBS, pain,creaky bodies, anxiety…….it is too challenging to think clearly about why it is happening.

Some women will be clear on why their body and mind are misbehaving, but for others it is a bewildering mystery that keeps them functioning at less than 100%.  Families, livelihoods, and enjoyment of life all suffer.  This evening we will begin to chip away at the limitations and begin moving towards our best health and wellness.

We will start with a short presentation on the 6 Key Health Revealers that cover your symptoms, your past, your genetics, everything you have tried, and will aid you to identify your ultimate wellness goal.

Following the 6 Key Health Revealers we will have a chance to share (if you want to) and then I will briefly recap The 5 Pillars of Female Health at Any Age, in case you didn’t make it on 28 August.

Using The 5 Pillars, plus your answers to The 6 Revealers, I will give examples of how to bridge the gap between where you are today, and where you want to be.  I will do this using examples, or if any woman in the audience would like to share her story with the group, then I will do a little coaching with her on the night.

In addition, after the meetup, you will be able to access 3 additional tools that will really help you get ahead.

• The “How Healthy is Your Diet” Quiz

• A phyto-nutrient checker for your kids (adults love this!)

• 18 gluten free, dairy free and sugar free recipes that the whole family will love

Please note the 3 above will be available in PDF on a password protected webpage.  I am not printing them, so I can keep costs down. This helps these meetups remain accessible to all who want them, regardless of income.  You will not be asked for an email address or any other contact info.  You can keep in touch via meetup, or at The Sistahood Private FB Group if you wish to.

We will follow this up on Monday 25th September at 7pm with an inspirational movie screening to keep you going and motivated. CLICK HERE for more about that. 

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot go into full individual coaching during the evening, as this requires some time, BUT the aim of this evening is to

• Get you asking yourself the right questions to pinpoint the source of your energy drain

• Help you to re-evaluate the areas of your life that are not helping you to be 100%

• Leave with one simple action for the month ahead, that you know will move you forwards.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE any activities in these meetups are designed to compliment support you are already receiving from your health professionals.  Please do not delay seeking the help of your doctor if suspect you have a mental or physical illness.

Town supply water available on premises, tea and coffee.  Feel free to bring your own snacks.   Free parking outside building in the evenings. The room we use is spacious, warm and clean.  Use the comments on meetup if you are looking for share rides.

Cost is $10.  $1 goes straight to Days for Girls NZ, $5 is for room hire.

$5 for the unwaged. If no cash available then please contact Claire to arrange a time or product trade.

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