Palmerston North – The 5 Pillars of Female Health 28/8/17

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Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed with health information.  It comes at us from every direction – magazines, newspapers, T.V., youtube, podcasts, e-books and subscription sites.  The deluge is endless.  Whilst a lot of the information can be useful, we cannot always make enough sense of it to make a difference.  The typical female who is searching for health answers, is already feeling overwhelmed, tired, and in physical or emotional pain.  Her enjoyment of life, vitality for socialising and activity, and self-understanding are suffering.  She may not be able to think straight, and that’s when she cannot make sense of all the health messages available.

In this presentation, Claire will clearly show you the 5 Pillars of Female Health that will apply whether you are in your 20’s or 70’s, and everything in between.  Once you have the 5 Pillars, you can easily understand where you may be going wrong and right, what most urgently needs a nudge, and the pitfalls to look out for.  Everything you know about your health hangs upon one of these 5 pillars and it will be simpler to decide and action your health goals in the future.

We tend to have 3 basics inner conflicts that prevent us from reaching our heath goals, or sticking with our new ways. They leave us feeling frustrated, guilty, and not getting any better.  In this presentation I will shed light on what these 3 conflicts are, so that you can understand them in a way that in unique, and make space for the changes you want to bring in.

At the beginning and end of the evening, I will offer an optional simple yoga breathing technique that is proven to improve emotional balance and nervous system function, enhance feelings of calm, aid hormonal balance and brings a state of greater clarity to the mind.

If you have any questions please email Claire at or message via the FB page.

Entrance is $10 and includes a $1 donation to a Days for Girls NZ Charitable Trust,


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