New Guided Meditation Uploaded

I have lots of people asking me how to meditate these days.  The best way is to find 20 minutes for yourself in a quiet room, and play this video.  CLICK HERE

If you are a busy or tired, and feel like lying down for meditation, then do so.  People with sore knees and backs may prefer to lie down or sit on a chair.  Over time you will find that sometimes you sit, and sometimes you lie.

Many people find it a big mental hurdle to start meditation.  The easy solution is to just play the video!  Some of my clients have even started off by playing it as they are making their lists or cooking.  This gets the video played for the first time and that is usually the biggest step!

For the most benefits, we would all meditate for 20 minutes morning and night.  For huge benefits towards peace of mind and contentment, all you need to do is play this video 4 times a week.  Just the action of taking that time to slow down, breathe and close your eyes is a huge propulsion towards a calm and content life.

The best time to meditate is traditionally first thing in the morning after a shower and drinking water, plus in the evening before bed.  However, this is not convenient for a lot of people so the best time becomes your best time!  Taking 20 minutes after work and before dinner is a good time.  As soon as the kids are off to school, before the days tasks begin, is another good time.  Whatever works for you.

One of the beauties of a guided meditation is that you can let go for 20 minutes.  You do not need to think about what to do in that 20 minutes, where to be, whats happening.  You will find that your mind can wander from here to there, usually replaying the past, or planning a future that does not exist.  Every time this happens, you just come back to listening to the guided meditation.  Allow yourself to completely absorb.

Your guided meditation for happiness, is here.

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