Is it bad to hold your pee?

There are dozens of reasons you hold your pee, but is it harmful? Watch the video to find out!

I’ll Hold It!…….

Peeing aka micturition generally happens at least 4, and average 8 times in 24 hours.  The modern woman however seems intent on ignoring her natural urge to get more done!

You get two urges each time you go need a pee.  The first is your cue, and if you ignore it, it will go away (“Oh, i didn’t need a pee after all!”) but then it comes back with fullness and urgency and the second urge will not ease up until you pee!    What do you do in these situations?

  • Running late – better to be on time than actually feel comfortable and relaxed?
  • Kids in Car – You just loaded toddler and baby in, no chance of heading back in!
  • Public toilets – better to have this achy-breaky bladder feeling than sit on those!
  • Forgot – You ignored the first urge.  What now?!
  • In a meeting – better hold on,  not really listening to anything in pain, instead of miss 3 minutes to pee!
  • Walking the dog – left the house 10 minutes ago and busting!  Are you a squat kinda girl?
  • Working – teachers, nurses, yoga teachers, do you neglect your needs?
  • Stuck in traffic jam – fair enough, how can you prepare for this except strategic dehydration?

Holding now and again this isn’t a bad thing, but making a regular habit of ignoring your body’s natural signals can rewire your system.  In the long-term you could end up with constant feelings of urgency, UTI’s, a leaky bladder (stress incontinence) and even a ruptured bladder!  Check out this fascinating short vid to find out more:

To learn more from The Pelvic Expert, Click Here!

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