Bloated, Cravings, Frazzled & Periods Like A Curse? 6 Steady Solutions

Women confide in me their deepest pains with their periods, life dissatisfaction and body loathing.

It’s no surprise to me anymore that all of the women I coach have stress levels that are crashing up and down, with energy, self-esteem, and appetites to match!

In these six free, non-exclusive,  no secrets, nothing new tips, we will recommit to ancient, tried, tested, proven and effective ways to refresh the life you have, rather than trying to turn it upside down overnight to ‘fix’ you.  

When I first started branched away from personal training and started teaching yoga, meditation and evaluating hormone balance with my clients, I was shocked at how many had ALL of their major hormones out of whack!!   Cortisol, thyroid and sex hormones (the oestrogen’s, progesterone and androgen’s e.g. testosterone). But after I evaluated just a few women, I came to expect that any unhappy, exhausted woman, having troubles with her periods/menopause, weight or digestion, would have multiple hormone imbalances.

Spend less than 10 minutes, everyday, for 30 days, trying one of the 6 core concepts.  In a month you will get to know for yourself how it feels to fully step into being the smart, strong, sensual, soulful, Sista that you are!  And guess what?….these are all easy, achievable and make a heap of difference to your quality of life!!!

You may have heard of these 6 core concepts before.
And that’s because we don’t need anything new!!!  For years have we been barraged by a health and beauty industry promising that this is the latest, greatest, newest, fan-dangled, one thing, secret of health and happiness that will change your world forever??!!!  How many fad trips have you been on?  The diet, the 30 day yoga challenge, the detox, the supplements, the retreat, the 8 week boot-camp, the past life regression that will fix all!  And how many times have they fixed it all forever?

In these six free, non-exclusive,  no secrets, nothing new tips you will recommit to refresh the version of you that you want to be.

The 6 Classic Techniques That Work (even for tired and unmotivated femmes!)

1 – Deep breathing

If you are not sure how to do this then watch then simply out your hands on your navel as you are lying down on the bed or grass.  Your hands should raise up as you breathe in, and go down as you exhale.  Count a slow 4 on the in, a slow four on the out.  Relax your shoulders and face.  Keep focused on what you are doing, and if your mind wonders, then just come back to it when you realise!  Some women like to count the number of breaths (aim for at least 9).  Other women like to set a stopwatch for 5-10 minutes.  Persevere if it seems tough, after a few days it will become easy!    Full breaths clear toxins from your bloodstream increasing clarity AND switch on your relaxation response.  Notice how you feel before and after.  Repeat 1-2 times a day for as long as you desire.

2 – Eating with Mindfulness

For one meal or snack a day, turn off the computer/TV/podcast, put down the books, find a quiet space.  Chew each mouthful 15-40 times (depending on the food consistency!).  Commit to the whole meal/snack like this.  Notice flavours and smells.  This is mindfulness in action – it gives you a whole new experience of food!  Notice how you feel before and after.

3 –  Journalling

Take just 5 minutes at any time of the day to write whatever comes to mind.  This may include: how you are feeling, energy levels, dreams, goals, successes.  Many women track their periods noticing how long their cycle is, how long they bleed for, what types pf clothes/food/activity they are drawn to at different times.   Notice how you feel before and after journalling.  Repeat once a day for as long as you like.  I have friends that like to ‘free-flow’ write for half an hour every morning with their cuppa.  Personally I grab my journal whenever I think of it and write 3 things I am grateful for, plus a rundown of how the day is going/plans for tomorrow.

4 – Eating Often

In a world of intermittent fasting, bulletproof coffees, weight loss and food restriction, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you should eat just once or twice a day.  This absolutely works for some people.  However, if your stress hormones are out of balance, then your blood sugars could be too. Weight gain, jiggly bellies and skin tags can be signs of blood sugar/insulin imbalances.  In these cases you could feel a heap better by eating 3 small meals and a few snacks each day.  This will help to balance your hormones, blood sugars, insulin output, energy levels and mood.  I use this technique myself when life is getting a bit hectic.  Once things calm down you may find that you can go more hours without the hangers appearing!

5 – Taking Pleasure

What gives you spark, passion, pazazz and happiness?  Ideas include orgasm, singing, dancing, taking a bath, cooking, massage, yoga, getting your hair brushed by someone else.  Only you know what it is.  Take 5 minutes to indulge yourself everyday, and/or plan in a treat for the month!  For me its taking the dog for a walk on the beach everyday – and if Im tired I simply watch her play.

6 – Getting Sleep

If you are having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep then you may have an adrenal (stress) or thyroid hormone imbalance.  For these you may need more support from a health professional.  But if it’s a case of simply staying up too late past your tiredness and then getting a second wind, then you can take responsibility for yourself now and get a routine.  Our bodies are complex and need a decent sleep to detox, heal, renew and grow.  Go to bed at the same time (10pm or before) every night and sleep like a baby for 7-9 hours.  If you are out of rhythm, persevere and by 30 days you should be sleeping soundly.

If you feel like all of these are way to simple, then just try ONE consistently for 30 days and see what difference it makes for you!

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