7 Natural Solutions for a Healthy Baby

First we review the 4 basic fundamentals of eating for fertility (or anyone for that matter!), followed by the 3 points you MUST know before a pre-conception detox, then the 7 EASY ways to detox (juices and fasting are not required!)

How to Eat For Fertility?  The 4 Essentials You Know Already:

  • balance your blood sugars with food choices and sleep
  • take a probiotic and preconception vitamin
  • eat tons of veggies and enough water and fibre to poop every day
  • fats and proteins are essential building blocks of baby, so keep them coming.

The shocking news is that 200 industrial chemicals and 287 in total, are found in the cord blood of new-born babies! Whilst we do not know clearly what the effect of this toxic load is on your baby, as a woman, we all intuitively know it is not a good thing.  You wouldn’t want your kitten to walk through this chemical cocktail!

Before you get pregnant, the best foods you can eat, are those that aid your body for detoxification. Toxic chemicals can be stored in fat, so the nutrition advice you are about to receive here, may help you lose excess weight and toxins from the fat cells too.  If you are going to follow the advice in this article:

3 Points You MUST know before pre-conception Detox!

1 – If you break down fat cells, they will release toxins into your bloodstream.  You MUST drink heaps of filtered water (not mains water from the tap – I use Big Berkey, or a carbon/reverse osmosis filter on tap, Brita better than nothing) and herbal teas (try dandelion and green).  This will help your liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and skin get rid of toxins as sweat, urine, exhalations and in the poop!

2 – If you have much to detox (make ups, hair products, pollution, pesticides from food, industrial chemicals that exist in your carpets or were walked in on your shoes, artificial food additives etc.) then you will feel like you are detoxing.  So don’t be surprised if you get a slight headache, body aches and feel fatigued for a day… that’s before the super charged energy begins!

3 – Detoxing releases toxicity.  You would not want to expose your growing baby to a toxic environment would you?  So, make sure you detox BEFORE you get pregnant, and then stay toxin free whilst you are pregnant.  I repeat: do not detox if you are already pregnant!!!

7 Ways For Easy Detox

Pick one and take action today.  It’s that easy!

1 – Is Your Make-Up Poisoning You?

Lipstick commonly contains lead!  Check if your favourite lipstick was in the Top 20 Toxic here: http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2013/05/study-lead-metals-lipstick-top-20

Use the cosmetics database to check out the toxicity (or not) of your favourite cosmetics!! http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/

You need zinc to detoxify heavy metals such as lead.  If you don’t have enough zinc in your system, then lead is able to accumulate in the placenta and causes poor pregnancy outcomes that you do not want to explore (think birth weight, and post-natal depression).

Zinc and magnesium are the most common pre-conception vitamin deficiencies.  

Are you deficient in Zinc?  Do you eat these foods regularly: sources of Zinc include liver, eggs, oysters, meats, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and spinach.  

Thorne laboratories and Designs for Health make good quality pre-natal vitamins that can be ordered online.

How to get enough Zinc?  Supplement up to 25mg a day (no more than this) and if you are taking anything with iron in it, then 2-3 hours away from your iron (minerals can be competitive little minstrels sometimes!). 

2 – Use coriander to detox lead

Cilantro, Coriander, Chinese Parsley – they are all the same thing and no doubt growing easily in a garden near you!  Cilantro helps to detoxify lead from your BONES!!  Add coriander to food, and steep in hot water for a surprisingly nice drink.  Add fresh lemon juice for extra detox power. The best thing about cilantro is not only does it detox, it also prevents re-toxification!  So keep this one going throughout your pregnancy.

3 – Milk Thistle to support your livers, and increase his fertility

Milk Thistle (buy in powder or capsules online and at your natural health store) can improve fertility in men who have an inflamed urogenital tract..YIKES!!  Get him to take it anyway, just in case. Milk thistle reduces oxidative stress by heavy metals.  That basically means it keeps your cellular bits intact, and DNA as healthy and youthful as can be.  If that weren’t enough, it supports your liver, a major detox organ, and enhances prolactin (the milky hormone).

4 –  Juice and Chew Your Way to a Cleansed Body

Beetroot   exerts….” its hepatoprotective and anticarcinogenic effects”.  Huh?.. Aka liver protective and anti-cancer superpowers! Any food that aids your liver is aiding detoxification and a healthier environment for your coming baby to grow in.  Eat beetroot grated in salads, steam or roast with your other veggies, juice with lemon and ginger and a bit of apple, or whack it in the nutri-ninja to retain fibre.  Beware – poop and urine may turn pink!

5 –  Ginger Easy Way to a Lean Liver

A fatty liver is a not very well working liver.  The best thing you can do is reduce sugar, chemicals, caffeine and alcohol!  Adding ginger into the mix will prevent your liver getting fatty in the first place, and is a no-brainer addition for anyone at any stage of life.  Fresh ginger tea couldn’t be easier to make!  Cut your ginger into slices (2 is plenty) and rinse to get any yukky residues off the skin.  Plonk it in a big mug and pour on very hot water.  Let it cool down and enjoy.  Instant detox any time of day. 

6 –  Colour it Orange to Boost Your Youth

Turmeric is a spice that I get my ladies to use every day, no matter what lady problems they are having!  Turmeric is an antioxidant which means it’s like a defence shield for your cells.  Antioxidants blast away the baddies that are called free radicals and keep you healthy and youthful for longer (think youthful eggs to make a baby!). As well as preventing fatty livers, turmeric is a wonder spice that reduces inflammation (so if you get period pain, DEFINITELY make sure you have turmeric and ginger tea or add liberally to meals).  Learn more about turmeric here 

7 –  Ultimate Green Smoothies

Chlorella comes from an algae – they are one of the easiest ways to clean and invigorate every cell of your body, get a hit of bioavailable vitamins, minerals and protein.  

The best bits?: Chlorella increases immune strength in men and the immune function of breast milk..which potentially means healthier sperm (from immune strong men) makes baby PLUS healthy baby drinks the best milk, gaining a double whammy of protection from disease!    

PLUS! Chlorella detoxes dioxin from milk as well.  So start now with green powders for maximum result for you, him and baby.  Caution, build up from half a teaspoon as it is a potent detoxifier and can make you feel nauseous!  Always get organic.  

Did you learn anything new?  Leave a reply and let me know what one thing you can take action with today?

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