Moobs & Painful Periods – Shocking Link – What You Can Do

In this article you learn 10 ways to get rid of moobs and painful periods, by limiting exposure to synthetic hormones – Pick one of the ten and see what happens!

Endometriosis is not a funny topic

Endometriosis is the severe end of painful periods that disrupts and brings pain and sadness to a woman’s life.  The unremitting physical and emotional distress it brings, plus a life living in the shadow of a disease that some experts claim is incurable infertility and limited potential.  If you have painful periods, it’s worth following this advice now, before it develops further.  Painful periods are not the norm, and you should not need to suffer with them to the point non-function.

Endometriosis: is a painful, chronic disease that affects 10% of women in the UK and 5 1/2 million women and girls in the USA and Canada, plus millions more worldwide.  It occurs when tissue like that which lines the uterus (tissue called the endometrium) is found outside the uterus.

‘Moobs’ appears to be comical

…but I doubt any guy suffering a hormonal imbalance that is giving him a set of breasts, not stop flak from his mates and a bad case of bottoming out confidence will be laughing right now.

Moobs: A combination of the words “man” and “boobs.”

This is what happens when fat gathers in a male’s chest area, and gives him the appearance of having breasts.

Usually seen in overweight males, but can strangely also occur in men who are not really overweight.

The Common Factor – Estrogens – Female Sex Hormones

Estrogens are the key hormones at the root of the hormonal imbalance contributing to both endometriosis (as well as painful heavy periods, PMS, some female cancers and more) and moobs –  more specifically too much estrogen aka oestrogen dominance.

Kept in check, estrogen is natures Prozac and helps you feel content and rested with steady moods and clear skin.

There are 3 types of estrogens and they are broken down into multiple forms.  Some forms are friendlier than others.  While some can be cancer protective, others are carcinogenic (cancer causing). Oestrogen imbalance is also known to contribute to abnormal smears, insomnia, anxiety, fibroids, weight gain in the hips and butt, PMS and more.  Breast tissue has receptors for estrogens, and that’s one reason why men can get moobs in the presence of too much estrogen!

4 ways that estrogen dominates

Dominance occurs when there is too much oestrogen in relation to progesterone (women) or testosterone (men).  Oestrogen gets too high when:

1 – There are external sources of ‘pretend’ oestrogens

They are dressed up to look like oestrogens but are toxic in the body.  They mimic or block natural oestrogens.

  •               Phyto-estrogens from food sources e.g. soy, tofu, and alcohol
  •               Xeno-estrogens from the environment e.g., cleaning products, flame retardants, water supply, metals, plastics, pesticides, cosmetics

These ‘pretend’ estrogens stay in fat tissue for many years.

2 – The body is not making enough progesterone/testosterone

Estrogen has to stay in ratio to the other sex hormones.  Stress and nutrient deficiencies, including low fat diets, limit the amount of sex hormones your body can make.

3 – The body is making too much oestrogen

It can happen in circumstances such as bring overweight (fat cells make estrogen), and when brain signalling gets faulty.

4 – The body is making a correct amount of oestrogen but it is not being eliminated

Oestrogen should get broken down by the liver and excreted in your wee and poop.  If there is an elimination problem e.g., a sluggish digestion, constipation or impaired liver function, then oestrogen builds up in the body and gets recirculated.  Depending on the stage of elimination that goes wrong, these recirculating estrogens can be cancer causing – including make and female breast cancers.


Breast and endometrial tissue are extremely sensitive to estrogen.  Both breast and endometrial tissue will grow in excess when too much estrogen is present.  This can lead to endometriosis, moobs and cancers.  By managing your intake pf phyto-oestrogens (from plants) and exposure to xeno-oestrogens (chemicals), you can manage one part of this hormone disruption pathway.

If you already have an estrogen dominance, then you’ll want to use all of these.  Everybody benefits by being aware and making smart, informed health choices.

10 Practical tips to stop xeno-oestrogens crashing the party:

  1. Eat less food from cans/tins – xeno-oestrogens leak out into food and enter your system, blocking or mimicking natural hormones.
  2. Use glass and ceramic containers to store food and drinks, stop with the cling wrap.  Never, ever, ever microwave using plastic containers or cling wrap.  If you insist on microwave, then use glass or ceramic.
  3. Check out the ingredients on your shampoos, make up, skin creams, cosmetics, deodorants and cleaning products.  Phthalates (DBP, DEHP), sodium lauryl (ether) sulphate SLS and SELS, parabens, petroleum and more are all potent hormone disruptors.  Put a little on every day and that’s a whole lot of build up over the years.  These also enter the blood supply of a developing baby in the womb – detox before pregnancy, not during, for safety.
  4. Drink less alcohol, if any at all (4 units a week max.) – it directly raises estrogen – and drink clean water (use a carbon or reverse osmosis filter – Brita better than nothing).
  5. Limit soy to once a week as it can also raise estrogens.  Use non GMO, fermented (eg, tempeh, miso) and organic.
  6. Thoroughly wash all your fruits and vegetables from pesticides, even better – eat organic.  Check out Norwich Farmshare if you are local and support organic produce in markets and supermarkets.  
  7. Use natural pesticides and soil treatments in your own garden – e.g. garlic sprays and crushed egg shells.
  8. Eat less conventionally raised meat and dairy – the animals can have high hormone levels of hormones themselves. Animals also get antibiotics (that are proven to fatten them up as well as prevent disease) – if you gain weight, then your fat cells make more estrogens.  If you have moobs or painful periods then give up the dairy for two weeks and see how you feel.  
  9. Remove your shoes in the home to save walking xeno-oestrogens into the carpet
  10. Consider a new mattress with less or natural flame retardants, and organic cotton clothes and bed sheets.

If you suspect a hormonal imbalance, please seek the support of your trusted health adviser.

Do you have endometriosis or moobs?  Were you aware of the xeno-oestrogens?  What one thing can you change to minimise exposure for yourself and family?  Leave a reply to support and inspire others



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