How to Detox Excess Weight, Fatigue & Anxiety?

AUGUST 2016 UPDATE – the UK Summer 2016 sessions have now completed.  Please contact Claire to find details of upcoming workshops in New Zealand and UK.   See the testimonials to learn how these workshops are helping empowering other women to take charge of their health and hormones.

Have you ever suspected you have a sluggish thyroid but your doctor says you’re fine? Yet you still feel as if you are crawling through mud? Was there a point in your life when your energy levels dipped and you’ve resigned yourself to your new lower-functioning level – perhaps it’s aging? Have you tried countless ways to lose weight….diets, exercise and juicing, yet you just cannot shift the belly and hip fat? Are you looking for answers to why you feel ‘under-par’, sluggish, depressed, anxious or angry?
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New information for smart women who want to feel like themselves again.

It seems to be normal these days to feel overweight, tired, anxious, rushing around and feeling unfulfilled.  Many women visit their doctors reporting symptoms of fatigue, mood swings, rages, depression, anxiety and weight gain.  Depending on your doctor, and your stage of life, you may be offered blood testing, anti-depressants, sleeping tablets, birth control pills, HRT, and be told to:

Exercise more-eat less!   It’s all a normal part of ageing!!

If you are frustrated by a lack of answers, or useful information to help you lose weight and reclaim your energy, you are not alone.  Today doctor’s simply don’t have the time or training to make the common-sense, evidence-based recommendations that will turn your life around;  Easy lifestyle changes, that add back vigor, pep and mojo!  At The Sistahood, Claire, our Integrative Women’s Health Coach and Yoga Teacher, is ready to share with you the golden nuggets of women’s wisdom that will get you back on track for an energised, lean and happy life!

Using nutrition, supplements and simple yoga poses, women all over the Western world have now begun to know themselves again – calmness, better relationships, fun and satisfying sex-lives, energy for fitness and a rediscovered ease to making healthy choices.  What if…….it’s not you……it’s your hormones?

Hormone 101

Women – we are complex creatures, hormonally at least!  Your stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, are in constant interplay with sex hormones (oestrogen, progesterone and androgens) and thyroid function.  If you become overwhelmed by stress, or enter the menopause with a hormonal imbalance then it can feel like life is an uphill battle; no matter what you do, you just cannot get your health back to 100%!  If your thyroid is affected (which can happen at any age) then your doctor may test you for a hormone called TSH – if you fall within the range the doctor tells you there is nothing wrong and you are left to continue your off-kilter life, perhaps with the addition of an anti-depressant that doesn’t seem to help much.

It’s unfortunate, but true, that most women have been left completely unprepared and under-educated as to how they can take control of their own health!  I have seen it so many times – women with stubborn weight gain, suffering confidence, self-judgement, questioning:

Why-oh-why can’t I just pick myself back up again?

When symptoms go unchecked into our 40’s and beyond,’The Change’ (clinically known as your Climacteric) can be that much more intense.  When you start to understand how your hormones work, which foods you can eat to help balance them, how you can improve sleep and movement naturally for better focus and energy, your well-being is renewed!

Physical, Mental and Life Detox

If I told you everything I know about natural hormone balancing, and you did everything as advised, there’s a chance you would still not feel great!  What??!!! Why is that??  Suppose you lived a life of perfect nutrition and movement, yet you are caring for an elderly relative or you are in an unhappy relationship – these things will change the biology of your stress hormones which in turn affect your sex hormones and thyroid, which could make for a hormonal storm in menopause.  Suppose you ate really well but are drinking water from contaminated pipework, and eating gluten – then you could be unwittingly damaging your thyroid’s function, feeling sluggish, heavy and dry.  Suppose you eat organic, have great relationships but are stuck in a job that is unfulfilling – could you be creating an imbalance in your sex hormones which gives you heavy, painful periods?  Suppose you are just too busy with kids, study or work to do anything but force yourself to the gym a few times a week (even though you are super tired already!) – could this be contributing to your second-wind that keeps you up until 1am, your stubborn belly fat, and anxiety?

The point is, at The Sistahood, Claire will take you through an easy process to detox not just what you are putting in your mouth, but also give a gentle examination of your life – where are you at, where did you mean to be, and what are the missing links in-between?  What would make you happy – in an ideal world, what kind of support would you be receiving from those around you?

Women, we are complex, and our true good health takes place on many levels.  By coming to The Sistahood, you eyes will be opened to a brand new tool-box of resources to re-establish a sense of control and satisfaction in life.

The learn more about the Easy Detox Sunday Sessions, click these links:

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Serenity Happiness and Calm – EXTRA HELP FOR PERIOD PEOBLEMS 26 June

Thyroid 101 – 10 July

Bonus Workshop – 17 July revealed at the 3 workshops!

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