Must See for Any Human Anatomy Lovers!

This great video shared by is an amazing glimpse into the fetal formation, and adult functioning of your diaphragm.

In Yoga we often refer to “breathe deeply”, “full yogic breath” and “breathe into the abdomen”.  This video helps you to understand why belly/abdomen breath isn’t strictly correct – we use these terms to help you get your breath flowing in the correct direction!

Why does yoga encourage diaphragmatic breathing so strongly?  And why is it especially important for women with hormonal imbalances?  To get a little technical, this full breath:

  1. Switches on your parasympathetic nervous system AKA relaxation response!  Calm, serene Sistas 🙂
  2. Relaxation reduces stress hormones (stress hormones play with blood sugar balance, weight gain, thyroid function, menstrual cycles, sleep regulation, digestion and more!).
  3. Breathing to your fuller capacity detoxifies stale air that is stuck in the lower portions of the lungs – detox is essential for a clarity of thinking – bring on wiser decisions for your health and well-being.
  4. It’s hard for the body to function full of toxins – once you start removing them with deep breaths, you will feel more energised!

You can watch the video here (click image).  Amazing Diaphragm Video op

In my work as an Exercise Physiologist, I saw a lot of people referred for simple ‘chronic diseases’ such as high blood pressure and stress.  I always enjoyed taking people’s blood pressure first (it was high), getting them to use the diaphragmatic breath, and then retaking blood pressure.  It always lowered high blood pressure!

However!!!!....the only way you can find out if deep breathing makes you feel calm and clear, is to try it! Be sure to spend 16 minutes with this Sistahood video playing in the background – the teaching of yogic breathing will start to seep into your system.  Who knows…you may even find 16 minutes another day to find a comfy perch and join in with the Serene Deep Breath.!

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