GM Crops – Why The Sistahood Says NO!

Most of my mornings consist of meditation, yoga and writing/researching the latest in health.  This morning, even though my mind had a battle of “you must meditate, don’t you dare switch on the TV”, I followed my SHE-Flow (aka intuition), put the box on and got on the exercycle, to read some scientific papers.  My Inner SHE had absolutely guided me into getting even more passionate about sharing the body ecology messages of The SIstahood – five minutes later The Wright Stuff was on (it’s a celeb/’expert’ panel reviewing the latest topical news).  Now I don’t know if they purposefully misled from start to finish, or if they really are that uninformed?  The panel including Richard Madeley, a female doctor and Midge Ure, all agreed that GM crops must be fine, because a US committee said so.  I disagree strongly.  Here I provide the missing pieces of the jig saw.

Page to the bottom for a superb and free educational documentary movie on GM foods.  Let’s learn these lessons from the US and not get on their slippery slope.

Here’s my response to The Wright Stuff.  If you helps you, then support our work by visiting the The Sistahood FB page and like it.

Yikes! After getting a glimpse of today’s The Wright Stuff on TV, I felt my stress levels soar! I was actually quite infuriated as what I see as a completely irresponsible and near-sighted response to the new GM crop advocacy. What they didn’t tell you:
1 – Here is the study. Have any of the panel on The Wright Stuff read it?
2 – The report was in fact not by 300 nobel prize winners as Richard Madeley kept stating, but by the National Academy of Sciences NAS (US). NAS may include 300 nobel prize winners (i don’t know), but to pretend any, or all of them took part in this committee is a grandiose delusion. Maybe they did? Can Richard please list their names for me? I can! There are 20 (not 300)! And the word Nobel is not listed even once!!! See it here:
3 – This was not a study, this was a REVIEW of previous studies, plus interviews and workshops. The suggestion by an anti-gmo scientist that money was involved in the NAS study did not help a rational balanced perspective. I would not suggest that the NAS committee were swayed with cash. However, I would suggest that every one of the studies used are open to interpretation as they may have been funded by big business looking to make a cent out of GM crops, as is very common (lets not forget, companies in the main, want money, not a balanced ecosystem!).
4 – What The Wright Stuff failed to sensationalise, was the study revealed that GM CROPS DO NOT PRODUCE GREATER YIELDS. There is also evidence that they do not survive drought any better either (n fact they are less robust and gainly). So why are we using them?
5 – The segment totally failed to look at the broader perspective. Why are we using GM? Because they are grown to be resistant to pesticides. You can spray the whole lot with ‘cides’ and they wont die. Bonus to reduce labour. HOWEVER what this does not tell you is that soil has a delicate microbiota (bacteria, fungus) of its own, and the pesticides destroy this ‘skin of the earth’. This soil microbiome enables nutrient production and utilisation by the plants. You then eat the nutrients. After a year or two the ‘soil skin’ is destroyed, GM plants grow looking ‘normal’ (as that’s what they were engineered to do!), but have fewer nutrients. Over time the yields decrease, the soil becomes barren, and we receive fewer nutrients. (hmm, the world is sick, I wonder why?).
6 – Let’s not forget that pesticides have to go somewhere after being sprayed. Here are 2 places a) onto the plants which you eat and then your microbiome is destroyed, cue deficiencies and toxicity and general unwellness. b) runs off into the rivers and oceans, eventually making its way back into your water supply (you really believe they can filter everything out?). Water makes rain right? Water evaporates into atmosphere right? Great, now you’re breathing it in (not to mention the sprays as they are applied on an industrial scale straight into a town near you).
7 – In the same program they talked about drug-resistant bacteria and the epidemic on its way. HELLO? Your own gut microbiome is your immune system. If you destroy it with GM supported toxicity then of course we have less defences. Antibiotics and western medicine are SUPER IMPORTANT, but did you know antibiotics will further destroy your gut microbiome?

In summary, The Wright Stuff irresponsibly sensationalised incorrect and incomplete information. Is this a risk you want to take? Keep UK GM-Free.

PS, ive got way more to say on this but I better stop somewhere!

What I did not mention in this outraged comment, was the specifics on women’s health:

If your body takes in toxins, they have to be taken out of the bloodstream ASAP.  How?  

A well-functioning detox system including your lungs, skin, bowels, kidneys and liver, will metabolise toxins; We then breathe, poop, urinate or sweat them out.  If the body is bombarded with toxins (from foods, cosmetics, air pollution, water, pharmaceuticals and on) then it is overloaded.  An overloaded detox system cannot cleanse you.  You become brain fogged and slow, with a lower mood.  Perhaps you develop food sensitivities.

Many man-made toxins are ‘endocrine disruptor’s’.  This means they either stop the action of your hormones, or increase the action.  Depending on the hormone affected, you could develop e.g., a sluggish thyroid, or estrogen build up.  Oestrogen build up is linked to female cancers and painful periods and more.  Thyroid helps regulates your temperature, hair growth, weight and digestion.

This is a complex topic.  That is why The Sistahood exists – keeping women informed so that you can make the best decisions for your future, and your children’s children future!

Here’s the documentary, Genetic Roulette:

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