4 Instant Hormone Balancers

Are you feeling a bit of a mess because your hormones are unbalanced?  Don’t worry, it’s really common to have adrenal fatigue after long-term stress, to have low thyroid function after adrenal fatigue, and low progesterone after high cortisol!

In a mess and confused?  Let’s keep it simple: Here’s my top 3 CLINICALLY PROVEN tips to help with stress and cycles, that will work for your teenage girls, woman friends AND spouses as well:

1 – take a women’s multivitamin or at least Vitamin C 750mg a day 
Vit C lowers cortisol levels and raises progesterone.  Take up to 1000mg three times a day.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that makes you feel wired and stressed.  Cortisol can block progesterone receptors, giving a double whammy to symptoms of low progesterone (see below).
Progesterone is natures Valium; it makes you feel soothed and content.  It should rise after ovulation (middle of your cycle) and ebb off a few days before your sistaly flow (aka period).  If you don’t have enough progesterone, you’ll know because of PMS (e.g., super-intense emotions, cyclical headaches, rages, bloat, cravings, insomnia etc.) and/or short menstrual cycles, and/or heavy/painful bleeds.
Please note that the increase in progesterone with 750mg Vit C was studied in women with a luteal phase defect, so if you don’t have this, then Vit C won’t necessarily raise your relaxing-progesterone hormone.  However, it might, and Vitamin C is harmless – unless you take too much (e.g. 4000mg a few times a day) in which case you’ll get diarrhoea (so down the dose of this happens!).
The lowering of cortisol was observed in patients in stressful surgery scenarios, children and ultra-marathon runners. Once again, it may work for you also.
2 – take mercury tested fish oils 2000-4000mg a day
Fish oils not only lower cortisol levels, but also raise lean body mass!  A double winner for all!
If your cortisol pathway is over stimulated, you are physiologically in survival mode.  Under survival conditions, a regular monthly cycle and sustained energy levels are not a priority.  Lowering cortisol levels through supplementation, stress reduction and correct restoration (e.g. going to sleep by 10pm) will benefit your entire endocrine (hormonal) system.  This includes your thyroid function, responsible for the metabolism in every cell of your body!
Taking 4000mg of fish oils a day has been show to increase lean body mass by 0.5kg and decrease fat by 0.5kg, when taken for 6 weeks.  The men and women taking the fish oil also showed a reduction in cortisol.  This may work for you too.  However, please check that you need a supplement before taking it, by working with a qualified health coach, naturopath, nurse or doctor.  At The Sista Code Workshops we help you to discover which imbalances you need to target to start feeling better.  
3 – Learn how to breathe by playing this 16 minute video:
Deep breathing switches on the soothing part of your nervous system (the parasympathetic).  Deep breathing aids digestion and cleanses the lungs – removing the toxins that diffuse from your lungs into the blood and every cell of your body, including the brain!  Who can think straight with a ton of toxicity building up in the lungs? 
Diaphragmatic breathing is shown to reduce oxidative stress (a contributor to ageing) in athletes – and it will very likely work for you too!

CLICK HERE for 16 minutes of ME-TIME How to breathe to feel great!  

4 – Call Your Friends!

When they did all those stress studies and came out with ‘flight or fight’ reactions, they forgot to tell us they mostly studied men.  Mars Venus anyone?  Re-write your science book – women are now known to have a tend and befriend response to stress.  If you’re stressed you will naturally seek out non-judgemental confidantes to biologically lower stress hormones.  BEWARE: if you feel trivialized or judged by your friend, then stress will continue to rise.  Choose wisely!

Are you interested to learn whether your hormones are out of whack?  If you really believe they could be, then you won’t hesitate to contact The Sistahood or come along to one of our women’s workshops in Norwich where you will be welcomed into a serene, accepting and confidential circle of new friends.

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