Understanding Women in 5 Easy Steps

Lets face it, you need a new strategy

I’m going to give you 5 key, amazingly effective steps to coast through the month. I’ll even let you know when she’s most horny and adventurous, and when to safely invite your annoying mates over. You don’t need to get this all correct in one month. Use step one month after month, and the results soar, along with your lives together.


Monthly Rhythms 101

First of all BOTH stop pretending and expecting she be the same all month. I KNOW you’ve noticed she isn’t! The week before/during her period, you run for the hills declaring

‘keep away from the crazy unpredictable woman who used to be my sweetheart!’.

Worse, she tells you sharply

‘there’s no way I’m cooking dinner again tonight, it was your turn five nights ago”,

and you typically respond

is your period due? Why are you so snappy?”.

At which point a rage devours all.

The secret guide to rhythm of your woman

Most people, you and your lady included, think of her cycle as the bleeding bit, and the PMS bit that comes before. I call them winter and autumn. You are missing out entirely on two whole seasons of summer and spring. See, no one gave you the map. Here it is:

4 seasons for men

The 5 Steps

1 – Get a calendar and together mark up the days of her cycle.

Day 1 is the first day she bleeds and a cycle is usually 26-35 days. If it’s irregular, much shorter or longer, and she hasn’t given birth recently or is entering later stages of peri-menopause, then she could have a hormonal imbalance.

Buy her a gorgeous diary so she can record her daily experiences.

2 –Think winter… huddling inside, low energy, introverted, peaceful homes. Physically she is tired and maybe bloated, emotionally she is sensitive, and mentally she is not overly body confident.

During winter:

  • Cook her warm nourishing dinner and make the kids lunches.

  • Only invite her girlfriends, Mum or massage lady over.

  • Allow her to rest body and mind

  • Fetch the hot water bottle, DVD and brush her hair.

  • Give her quiet space – great time for a fishing trip.

  • Leave the strenuous conversations and DIY for another time.

  • Let her come to you if she wants some deep loving.

The more you care and respect her womanly sensitivity and intuition now, the more open she will be in a week.

3 – Spring begins when your woman stops bleeding. Energy levels, libido, sense of fun, sociability and openness to new things pick up. Notice her diving with energy and enthusiasm into new or abandoned projects.

During Spring:

  • have heart to heart conversations about love and life

  • Plan in shared social, family and fitness activities.

  • Take a holiday or meet new people.

  • Provide plenty of time, foreplay and fun.

It’s harder to rock her boat. Be honest, adventurous and communicate.

4 – Summer Heat! We only have a few days in summer. Peaking energy, joy, body confidence and horniness.

During Summer:

  • Genuine compliments reinforce her innate confidence and sexiness

  • She’s may be in action mode…let her run, don’t try to hold her back

  • Tackle mentally challenging topics like housing, finance, future.

  • She’s horny and will come for you. It’s easier for her to get aroused and climax now.

  • She can handle your annoying mates – now’s the time for social dinners.

Anything goes, including challenge and sexual exploration.

5 – Autumn ease. A woman becomes more sensitive now. Tolerance, libido and energy ebb off. She won’t stand for bullshit and becomes direct in letting you know about it. Deep wisdom is switched on, she will voice what needs to change.

During autumn:

  • Listen and observe her irritations without criticising

  • She’s creative…listen up to new ideas without expecting action on them yet.

  • She’s nesting…help her tidy the house and bathe the kids.

  • Leave strenuous conversations until Spring

  • If she says no to sex, respect that and you’ll have a more open partner later

  • Return moodiness with unwavering, calm and loving presence.

  • Look out for severe PMS – she may need to reduce stress, get more sleep, eat well and balance hormones.

  • Provide your own stability, don’t expect any consistency from her.

Although this change in mood and energy is a mystery to you, just allow it. You can accept, respect, care and love.

If you look after your woman in autumn and winter, you will both feel better in spring and summer. By being attentive to her needs all month round, you are proving yourself as a loving worthy partner, she can trust. And guess what? That makes her feel safe, secure and HAPPY!

Okay guys, while you digest that, stretch your hamstrings, press play:

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