Women, Yoga And Sexual Satisfaction

What is a healthy sexual function?  You might give it the qualities of satisfaction, happiness, emotional wellbeing, intimacy, love, fun and more.  So can yoga really help with your sexual function?  Absolutely!

A 2010 study in women of ages 22-55 (average age 38) by Dhikav V et al found yoga pranayama, asana and savasana did increase all the clinical qualities of women’s sexual function:

  1. desire
  2. arousal
  3. lubrication
  4. orgasm
  5. pain
  6. satisfaction

In only 12 weeks!  Women in the study did not have a prior regular practice and were otherwise healthy.  Postures were chosen for their known effect on pelvic tone, digestion, mood, nervous system, endocrine (hormonal system) and joint care. You can try some of the poses here. Results were best in the women over 45 years…possibly because their scores were lower to start with.

So what is happening here?  It’s well-known that emotional and physical stress can impact a woman’s enjoyment of sex.  In fact, one of the long acting stress hormones, cortisol, can actually steal sex hormones from you!  The more stress you have, the more chance you are to be low in sex hormones.  Low testosterone = lose arousal, low oestrogen = lose your juiciness, low progesterone = tense and irritated.  You can learn more about pregnenalone steal in Ameer’s great little video:

In fact, in one study, it only took ten days of yoga to improve cortisol levels in patients with chronic inflammation!  The inflammation referred to here was physical inflammation, things like arthritis or heart disease, but I’m always reminding my students that inflammation can be mental, emotional and even spiritual too.  Any distress, whether it be in the body or mind can inflame the way you feel, and raise cortisol.

Orgasmic Meditation!
Let’s not forget that we were talking about orgasms!  Did you know that apart from meditation, orgasm is the only time a woman’s brain goes silent!  That’s right, women are hyper-vigilant switched on, even at night (that’s why you wake up more for the baby than he does!).  You can read more about the Your Brain on Sex here 

So ladies, if you are looking to balance out your hormones, feel more relaxed, closer to your partner and juicer, yoga is the way!  Yoga leads to orgasm, leads to even greater relaxation and greater satisfaction…not just in the bedroom, but life!  Now I’m sure your partner wants to join in on this one!

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